How to arrive at Venice

It is possible to reach Venice in many ways: by car, by train, by bus, by plane or by boat.

If you arrive by car it is possible to reach the city whether motorways or road connections; the Ponte della Libertà is the only bridge that allows you to arrive near the city centre by car. You can park your car at one of the pay and display parking in Piazzale Roma (AVM Parking you can profit by the evening fee from 05.00 p.m. to 05.00 a.m. Euro 15.00) or at the Isola del Tronchetto: it is possible to book some car parks directly to the Veneziaunica website, in order to find the car park that you want immediately.

There is also a ferry-boat line (line 17) if you want to arrive at Lido of Venice with your car: it leaves from Isola del Tronchetto and arrives to Lido. For more information visit the VeneziaUnica and ACTV websites.

It is possible to park your car in the mainland area of Venice: Mestre, Marghera, San Giuliano, Fusina, Tessera, Ca' Noghera, where you can reach Venice by bus (which it takes you up to Piazzale Roma) or by train (which it takes you from the Mestre or Porto Marghera stations to Venezia Santa Lucia station). You can park your car near the  station of Mestre, in the pay and display parking at Piazzale Candiani, at one of the pay and display parking near Parco San Giuliano or Fusina or at one of the parcheggi scambiatori near Mestre.

It's very easy to arrive at Venice by train: the main railway station is the Venezia Santa Lucia station from which you car reach every point of the city centre on foot or by waterbus. On the other hand, the Venezia-Mestre station is the first railway station that you find before you pass through the bridge that spans the lagoon; from Venezia-Mestre station you can reach all the nearest cities by train or by bus.

If you want to see all the train timetables, visit the Trenitalia website.

If you represent an organized group and you arrive at Venice with a coach, you can find all the informations in the ZTL bus website or calling the following number: +39.041.988.879: they suggest you all the ways to buy the pass to reach the ZTL areas and to find car parks.

You can also arrive at Venice by plane: the nearest airports are the Marco Polo Airport at Tessera and the Canova Airport at Treviso. From airports you can reach Venice with the ACTV services (for the Marco Polo Airport) or with the ATVO services that reach the Venezia-Mestre station and then continue up to Piazzale Roma.

Last but not least, you can reach Venice by boat thanks to some harbour entrances that give access to the lagoon of Venice: Canal Porto di Lido and Canal Porto di Malamocco. Thereafter, it is necessary to follow the regulations for water circulation within Venice city limit and towards the Lido and the lagoon.

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